tsukurusunblade: “Dear redditors, what’s the nicest thing you’ve done for someone and that person never knew you did?”

Here are some lightly edited answers:

1) evilrobotluke wrote,“When I was young, we used to have a family Easter Egg hunt. The adults would hide chocolate Easter eggs around the house or the backyard or wherever it was we were and the kids would run around trying to find them.

“One year my cousin just got unlucky and didn’t find any eggs. She was a little sad about it. So later I hid some of my own eggs again then convinced her maybe we missed some earlier & we should have another look. I guided her to the right areas but let her find the eggs herself. She was so happy and completely convinced the rest of us had just missed them earlier.”

2) egh42792 wrote, “My university didn’t have an Easter break. My first year, I noticed people round me were really stressed out about school and generally sad about not getting to go home for an extended period of time. The day before Easter, my friend and I took a bus to a bunch of different stores and got over 300 plastic eggs and a huge bag of candy and spent the rest of the night filling the eggs with candy and handwritten inspirational quotes (there was a whole lot of Dumbledore — we kept it secular). At about 4am we got up and hid the eggs all over our dorm with signs telling the residents to hunt for eggs but not to be too greedy. We had a blast the next day watching people post on our dorm’s Facebook page about how much fun they were having doing the hunt. We didn’t really tell anyone it was us and we’re both non-religious so no one suspected us. One of my favorite Easters!”

3) tsim12345 wrote, “My best friend did something nice that she thought I’d never find out about.

“She had met a guy who she was trying to hook me up with like in 7th grade. I don’t remember how she even met him, I just remember her being like, ‘Hey, I found a guy I think you might like, let me arrange a date!’ So I get dressed up and meet her at the movies with the guy. She had told me this would be his first-ever date.

“I can tell right away he is immature for our (already immature) age, and he seems uncomfortable. We watch the movie and let’s just say sparks are not flying. At one point she goes to the bathroom and he just straight up says, ‘I don’t think we should date.’ And I’m like … ‘okay, cool, we can be friends.’ And he’s like ‘Callie (my best friend) made it sound like you were the most beautiful girl on earth or something.’ And he scoffed like she was way off.

“Now, usually this would have bothered me. Like, I’d never been called ugly before so that stung, and I didn’t know how to deal. But really, stronger than my disappointment or hurt feelings was this rush of appreciation and love for my friend. She apparently saw me as so pretty she never considered he might not feel the same way. I knew she was a keeper.

“It was a great day.”

I_Validate_You replied, “You’re a pretty amazing friend, too, /u/tsim12345! It’s a pretty rare cat who sees past her own hurt, to recognize the core of what was happening — that your friend thought you were beautiful […]. A lot of people would get wrapped up in reacting to rejection, or feeling insecure about their looks. And while you did experience those things, they weren’t the most important thing.

“I just want to take a second to tell you that you had some pretty sophisticated emotional intelligence for a young person. I can only imagine that as time goes on, you’ve continued to see through trivia and focus on the heart of matters. And your comment history here is testimony to that — a pretty steady stream of clear-eyed excellence and kindness.

“You’re pretty amazing, did you know that?”

4) ShadowShaman24 wrote, “There is a group of those snotty douchebags in my school that every school has that bullied me for a majority of my freshman year. I learned from one of my friends (whose dad is a cafeteria worker) that the ‘leader’ of their group was in debt $200 to the school and he wouldn’t graduate because of it. The dude is like 20 and a senior and isn’t very privileged. So despite being bullied by him and his group for an entire year I paid almost $450 to wipe away the group’s debt to the school so they could graduate high school. They have no idea it was I who did that. Quite frankly I don’t mind if they don’t.”

For More Information: tsukurusunblade, “Dear redditors, what’s the nicest thing you’ve done for someone and that person never knew you did?” Reddit. 5 August 2015


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