Uncommon Kindness

hmjanjua86 wrote this:

“Uncommon Kindness. It really doesn’t take all that much to make someone’s day. While I was sitting on the subway this afternoon, a rather old businessman got on at 51st Street and pointed to my copy of Lolita. ‘You like the classics?’ ‘Yes,’ I said, smiling and looking up from my book. ‘Have you read any of his other stuff?’ ‘I haven’t, actually. What do you recommend?’ ‘Here,’ he said, handing me Nabokov’s Pale Fire. ‘I just finished it. Have a nice read. I’m getting off here.’ And he hopped off — only one station later, at Grand Central — almost certainly never to be seen by me again.

“It was a perfectly brief, perfectly serendipitous encounter that I’ve been thinking about all day, and it took no more than giving away an old book that likely would’ve just collected dust in a closet somewhere. We’re usually terribly reticent and reluctant to talk to other people, especially in big cities, and yet a pleasant conversation or a small kind act can shift someone’s day from dismal and mundane to happy and extraordinary. I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Be the guy who gives out Nabokov books.”

Source: undercoverglover4, “What is something more people should pay attention to but don’t?” AskReddit. 3 November 2016



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