Mike Martin: “Now, suppose I’m a teacher in a classroom with a gun provided by President Bonespurs. In the middle of the lesson in walks the student everybody calls ‘Crazy’ because he is.”

GUNS Tobias


Andrew Tobias: I’m With Reagan and Scalia

We have a crying need for: a ban on the sale of assault weapons (as Ronald Reagan and Antonin Scalia both favored, and our local police do) . . . bans on the sale of bump-stocks and “gun kits“ (where you assemble your own untraceable weapon from a few parts) . . . a ban on the sale of  high-capacity magazines . . . heightened requirements for the purchase of “silencers” (Republicans are trying to loosen them) . . . a hike in the age of purchase to 21 (dads could still buy rifles for their 12-year-olds) . . . effective universal background checks that close “the gun-show loophole” and screen out — or at least subject to greater scrutiny — those with mental health or disciplinary histories.


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