“I Gave Her the Money Back and Told Her What had Happened. The Girl was There, They were All Searching for It, and She was Crying”


Source of Photo of Xavier Richard: http://www.14news.com/story/22769551/lufkin-man-provies

In the summer of 2013, Xavier Richard, age 18, received an unexpected $500 from Genco Federal Credit Union in Lufkin, Texas. He did the right thing and returned the money and saved a bank teller’s job. He said, “I had $90 in the bank, and I put $200 in the bank, and I got my ticket back and it said $290, but in that little tube, it was $500 in cash in there.” Keeping the money must have been understandably tempting, but he returned to the credit union after it had closed and gave the money back. Mr. Richard said, “I think that no good deed goes unseen; God sees everything. If I would’ve kept the money, it would’ve came back on me eventually; something bad could’ve happened to me. I totally believe in karma.” The people at the credit union opened the door and let him in. He said, “I gave her the money back and told her what had happened. The girl was there, they were all searching for it, and she was crying. She was telling me how thankful she was because they were going to fire her.” Mr. Richard has worked as a cashier and so he can empathize with the bank teller: “I knew the feeling because I used to work at HEB [a supermarket chain], and I was a cashier. I know how it is if you lose your money.” He added, “I was happy because I helped her save her job because you never know how important that job could’ve been to her.” He also said, “I just think that everything would be a lot better if everyone just did the right thing.”

For Further Information: Maegan Prejean, “Lufkin man who returns $500: ‘No good deed goes unseen.’” KTRE (Luftin, Texas). 5 July 2013


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