“I have a Mystery for You”


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In April 2010, Cathy Virgilio, of Tigard, Oregon, told a police officer, “I have a mystery for you.” She had bought a purse online from J.C. Penney, and inside the purse she had found $240 in cash and $120 in travelers checks as well as identification. She took the purse to the police station. The police officer called Betty Radcliffe, of Manteca, California, who had been searching for the money and travelers checks since Christmas. The two women spoke on the telephone, and Ms. Virgilio said, “She was just very grateful and she said, ‘I had been looking and looking for that.’” Ms. Radcliffe had been in Arkansas visiting relatives when she bought a new purse. She decided to return the purse, but when she took items out of it she forgot to empty one of the zippered pockets. Ms. Virgilio received a lot of attention from local TV and print media for her good deed, but she said, “I’m totally amazed that returning something that doesn’t belong to you has made such a big deal. I think most people would have returned that. I did the only thing that should have been done.”

For Further Information: Phil Manzano, “Tigard woman’s good deed brings her surprising amount of attention (video).” Oregonlive.com. 13 April 2010


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