“PS: Sorry for the Apple iPad on My Wishlist — That was Really Awkward”








In December 2013, Redditor goulaWhat learned that her Secret Santa was billionaire Bill Gates, who overnighted her a seven-pound package. The first thing that goulaWhat saw when she opened the package was a stuffed animal: a cow. She wrote, “I thought Bill sounded like a friendly fellow. In fact, I had this whole image of this poor guy named Bill trying to navigate my wishlist full of makeup, nailpolish, glittery things to buy me. Quite frankly I felt bad for this ‘Bill’ since I’m a self-identified pain in the [*]ss to shop for.” The stuffed animal was actually a symbol of one of her gifts: A donation made in her name to Heifer International, a charitable organization that gives animals to impoverished families. A note that Mr. Gates enclosed with the gift stated, “Jo Rachel, My Secret Santa present to you is a cow. Don’t worry, you will not have to build a barn. This cow will be given to a family in need, in your name, through Heifer International. It will provide them with income and dairy products, and it will help them help themselves. Happy Holidays, Bill Gates.” He also enclosed a photograph of himself holding the stuffed animal and the note so that Jo Rachel would know that he really was Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. He also sent her another gift: a National Geographic coffee table travel book titled Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips. She had mentioned that she wanted to see the world in her Secret Santa post. On Reddit, she wrote, “This gift was perfect!” The last thing she saw was the note by and photograph of Bill Gates, and then she realized who her Secret Santa was. She wrote, “Wait. holy sh[*]t. Time out, and then it finally hit me. All the presents I just tore open, the charity, then everything — was from Bill GATES … my jaw hit the EVER LOVING FLOOR.” She also wrote, “It makes me so happy that he was able to donate to a charity on my behalf that helped people with both needs and educational benefits. Nailed it, Bill!” A spokesperson for Mr. Gates stated that he wanted to draw attention to Heifer International. Jo Rachel also wrote, “PS: Sorry for the Apple iPad on my wishlist — that was really awkward.”

For Further Information: “Spoiler alert: Bill Gates did not get you, because he got me.” Redditgifts.com. 18 December 2013


For Further Information: Eleanor Goldberg, “Learning Bill Gates Is Your Reddit Secret Santa Can Elicit Only 1 Response: ‘Holy Sh*t. Time Out.’” Huffington Post. 19 December 2013


For Further Information: goulaWhat, “Bill Gates is Santa for one lucky Reddit user.” 19 December 2013




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