Lost, Found, and Returned: A Wallet with 23 $100 Bills

On 1 September 2015, Tommy O’Connor, a senior at Irvington High School in Fremont, California, found a wallet with 23 $100 bills while walking to a 7-Eleven with his brother. He said, “It was like a bunch of hundreds.” He added, “I didn’t count it when I saw it. I just thought it was probably someone’s rent or something.” He immediately gave the wallet and money to a teacher’s assistant. The money belonged to a veteran, who left Tommy a $50 reward. Sherry O’Connor, Tommy’s mother, said that Tommy wanted the money to get back to its rightful owner. She said that he told her, “Mom, if it doesn’t get back to the right person, they won’t pay their rent.” Ron O’Connor, Tommy’s father, said, “With us living month-to-month, it is a big chunk of money and I’m so proud of him that he did that.” Tommy’s mother sent him this text message: “I’m very proud of you, son. […] Wow, you’re one in a million. Love you to the moon and back.” Tommy replied, “You should be thanking yourself. You raised me.” Ron O’Connor said, “I’m just proud that he did the right thing, and hopefully all of my children would’ve done the same thing.” Tommy said, “I’m just doing something I wish everyone else would do.”

For Further Information: Andria Borba, “Fremont Teen Returns Wallet With $2,300 In Cash.” CBS (SF Bay Area). 4 September 2015


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