Lost, Found, and Returned: a 1879 Flowing Hair “Stella” Gold $4 Coin Valued at $60,000

On 4 March 2015 during the American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show in Portland, Oregon, Brian Hendelson of Classic Coin Comany in Bridgewater, New Jersey, lost a 1879 Flowing Hair “Stella” gold $4 coin valued at $60,000. He said, “When I returned to my table, I immediately saw the coin was not there. I was frantic and started to look through all my boxes of coins to see if it was in one of them. Several dealers also helped look for the coin in the inventory boxes, but it was gone. The show was about to close for the evening, and I reported the coin lost to the ANA security team.” Fortunately, collector Chris Nokes of Kirkland, Washington, had found the coin. He said, “I was going to the ANA show because I wanted to sell some coins from my collection to raise cash for the down payment on a house. Because I arrived earlier than planned in Portland, I walked to the convention center to get to know the route from my hotel.  I saw a coin on the hallway floor as I walked away from the ANA information desk.” By the time Mr. Hendelson contacted the security desk at the convention center, his coin was already in the safe. As a reward for finding and turning in the coin, Mr. Nokes received a 1925 Saint-Gaudens $20 double eagle, which has an estimated value of around $1,650.

For Further Information: Colin Sallee, “$60,000 gold coin is lost at ANA National Money Show, found and returned within hours.” Coin World. 12 March 2015 <http://tinyurl.com/q6aym4c>.

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