Free Verse: Lightning Moves Me.

What is not perfect can be very attractive.

Urban Poetry

In this free verse poetry, “Lightning Moves Me.”

I think back to the challenges I’ve faced throughout my life, of the pain of loss, of abuses of from hands or words of another, at the poverty stricken moments. Then of the little and the big blessings, of the beautiful children I have given birth to, and my darling Bianca, I adopted, at the age of 47. To start again being a mother.

Lightning Moves Me.Would I change any of it? That’s a hell no! Lightning moves me.Helps me to feel completely alive. To feel every emotion of happiness and joy, sadness, anger, or pain to the full extent of my extremities, to the core of my being. It’s what makes whom I am today, to breathe life into books, to breathe life into words, so fueled by life’s lightning rod. A little free verse and digital art piece to bring electricity…

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